Startups Shouldn't Scare You, They Should Excite You

April 8, 2019

Working at a startup makes a lot of people nervous.

There’s a perception that startups are risky and unstable, and could run out of funding at any time.

They could go out of business.

Big companies, like Chase or Nationwide or Key Bank - those are perceived as safe companies. Stable companies.

You could work there the rest of your life. Right?


Last month, we saw Nationwide Insurance in Columbus laying off 1,000+ people.

The reality of startups is that working at one will rapidly increase your skill set many times over compared to a traditional corporate job.

You solve harder problems. You work with smart people and you learn faster at a startup.

As the founder of a recruitment firm exclusively for technology startups, I’d argue that you grow as much in 1 year at a tech startup as you would in 5 years at a big company.

Your contribution is so much larger working at a high growth tech company versus clocking in and out at a big company.  

Startups use the latest and greatest technology, strategies and paths to success - they’re extremely innovative.

Startups shouldn’t scare you. They should excite you.

Imagine, even if the startup goes under, you’ll have learned so much many new  skills.  

You’ll be so marketable that it’ll be easier to find your next job than it was before you took a job at a tech startup.