Tech Growth In The Midwest

April 15, 2019

When you think of venture capitalists, startups and tech growth,

your mind probably goes to San Francisco, NYC, and LA. These are historically the largest markets for tech growth.

The problem is, Silicon Valley and other areas of the tech boom have accumulated billions of dollars in wealth and have become too expensive to survive in, let alone thrive in.

When it’s so expensive to live in these areas, you can’t build a good team.

Talented employees can’t afford to buy a home or start a family, and there isn’t any real work/life balance.

Venture capitalists are starting to take notice.

Here in the midwest, we have some of the brightest minds and most amazing computer science programs in the country.

In fact, the midwest states have more Fortune 500 companies than California and New York combined.

In the midwest, we have the talent and the customers. We are building the infrastructure. I believe we’re becoming the Silicon Valley of the 80s!

High growth companies are being born in the midwest.

And now, people are choosing to stay home instead of move out west.