You Should Never Accept a Counteroffer

April 1, 2019

The talent market is tighter than ever...

So when you turn in a notice, your employer may use guilt or flattery techniques to try to make you stay.

They might say things like:

We’ll give you a promotion or more money if you stay.
We were just about to give you a promotion, but it was confidential.
The President/Director wants to meet with you before you make your final decision.
What did they offer, why are you leaving, and what do you need to stay?
You’re going to leave us, after all we’ve done for you?
You can't desert the team like this.

But if you were only worth X amount to your current employer yesterday, why are you worth more today?

Studies show that 80% of people who accept counter-offers are out of the job within 6 to 12 months, whether they begin job searching again or are let go because they are a flight risk.

If layoffs are coming up, you’ll be the first to go.

Counter-offers are made when it will be easier to train your replacement while you’re still there.

Counter-offers are made when they benefit the company, not you.

You were looking for a new position for a reason, and none of those reasons will change with a counter-offer.

Don’t take it.