Cut the Office Politics

July 8, 2019
It is amazing to me how many stories my recruiting team and I hear about politics and bulls*** in the workplace.
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Is Your Company Culture Deterring Women?

June 28, 2019
If the women on your tech team aren’t advancing as quickly as the men, take a good look around. It’s probably not an issue with her talent, but your company culture.
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New Head of Business Development & Partnerships At IPS

June 17, 2019
We are very excited to announce that Christopher Ritchie is joining IPS as our Head of Business Development & Partnerships!
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College Is Broken

June 10, 2019
A Lambda School student who has never made more than $11.65/hr was just offered a job at $100k/yr.
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IPS Breaks Record Placements

June 3, 2019
We just completed the biggest month in the history of our company.
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Relationships Make a Business

May 20, 2019
In the midst of the grind, don’t ever lose sight of the people that make the business.
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Invest Your Time In Finding a Mentor

May 13, 2019
There is nothing of greater value than meaningful relationships built on trust, dependability, and partnership.
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Hiring Junior Software Engineers

May 6, 2019
Every startup and tech company I’m talking to is hiring at least one senior software engineers ASAP.
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Job Perks Are Dead

April 29, 2019
Job perks are dead. If you’re looking to hire more in 2019, hear me out.
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What To Do When a Great Employee Resigns

April 22, 2019
When a great employee resigns, it’s frustrating, disappointing and often surprising.
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Tech Growth In The Midwest

April 15, 2019
When you think of venture capitalists, startups and tech growth,your mind probably goes to San Francisco, NYC, and LA.
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Startups Shouldn't Scare You, They Should Excite You

April 8, 2019
There’s a perception that startups are risky and unstable, and could run out of funding at any time.
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You Should Never Accept a Counteroffer

April 1, 2019
When you turn in a notice, your employer may use guilt or flattery techniques to try to make you stay.
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